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Deskoin Launches New Mobile Application, Simplifying Access to Cryptocurrencies

Deskoin Launches New Mobile Application, Simplifying Access to Cryptocurrencies

Deskoin, a certified French cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its new mobile application. The platform aims to make the cryptocurrency world more accessible by providing a simplified user experience, far removed from the complexity usually associated with trading applications. The main goal of this initiative is to meet user needs for maximum accessibility.

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Deskoin Mobile Application: Accessibility and Crypto Innovation

Standing out with its unique offerings, Deskoin offers the most competitive rates on the market for 27 different assets and 4 innovative bundles, without any added spread. A referral program also allows users to benefit from their first cryptocurrency purchase for free, up to €250, covering transaction and credit card deposit fees.

The Deskoin mobile application, available since December 4th, is specially designed for beginner investors, featuring an intuitive and simplified user interface. It offers a fast and efficient KYC process, completing in less than 5 minutes in 99% of cases. Users can keep their cryptocurrencies on the exchange or transfer them to their personal decentralized wallet.

Deskoin also innovates with its DCA Bundle system, which combines regular cryptocurrency purchases through Dollar Cost Averaging with thematic packs containing various assets. The available bundles include the Beginner Pack, the Technological Pack, the NFT & Metaverse Pack, and the DeFi Pack.

Deskoin provides a comprehensive and easily accessible solution for new cryptocurrency users, offering detailed guides on each asset and secure deposits in collaboration with a leading French bank.

With an application designed for beginners and a first purchase offer, Deskoin makes accessing cryptocurrencies easier than ever. The application is available on iOS and Android.

To download the application, visit

About Deskoin:

Deskoin is a French cryptocurrency exchange registered under the number PSAN E2021-017, committed to providing a transparent and competitive trading experience for all. With a user-centric approach, Deskoin is at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.

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