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Delayed Decision on ETF Ethereum Spot Confirms Analyst Predictions

The decision on an ETF Ethereum Spot proposed by Invesco and Galaxy Digital has been delayed, confirming analysts’ predictions. The successive delays are fueling expectations of approval in May. Ethereum Futures ETFs already exist on the CME in the United States, while no Spot ETF has been approved so far.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has once again delayed its decision regarding the approval of an ETF Ethereum Spot product, proposed in collaboration by Invesco and Galaxy Digital.

The SEC’s delay is part of a series of similar decisions affecting various proposals for ETF Ethereum Spot, including those of Grayscale Investments and BlackRock.

Implications for professional investors

The ETF Ethereum Spot targeted by Invesco and Galaxy Digital represents an opportunity for institutional investors to directly access Ether, unlike the Ether Futures ETFs which are currently one of the few regulated options available.

Despite the successive delays, the market remains optimistic about an imminent approval, notably due to the mentioned deadline of May 23rd for VanEck’s ETF Ethereum Spot.

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