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Crypto: YouTube bans Web 3.0 channels without warning

YouTube has banned several channels offering crypto and Web 3.0 content such as Bankless, Optimism and Gabriel Haines.

Youtube has obviously decided to attack channels offering crypto content without any reason. Bankless declared on its twitter account to have been banned from the site overnight. Youtube has sent no warning, no notification and above all no justification. Bankless is a goldmine of decentralized finance and offers content related to crypto news and Web 3.0. This ban represents 150,000 subscribers and over 10,000 hours of content gone up in smoke.


Are crypto and Web 3.0 disturbing?

Fortunately for Bankless, they have announced that they have been unbanned and their channel is therefore back online on Youtube. The team recently communicated about this via an announcement on their Twitter account :

You’ll probably have noticed via the tweet, but Bankless wasn’t the only victim in the story. The unfair censorship of Youtube also concerns the channels of Gabriel Haines and Optimism. Gabriel Haines seems to have a rational reason why his channel has been removed. He explained on twitter that he created a unique email address for his channel different from the one he uses regularly. However, he was using his regular address for his Youtube channel. Youtube has therefore deleted the latter because of “inactivity”.

Regarding Optimism, the layer 2 of Ethereum, no explanation or statement has been made by the team. This situation is reminiscent of the Journal du Coin, which had seen its Youtube channel deleted without any explanation in April 2021.

So this is not the first time that Youtube has unfairly attacked content creators in the crypto ecosystem. Hopefully, they will be more transparent in the future. Youtube is a crucial platform for the exchange of information regarding this medium and it should be allowed for all participants in the ecosystem to be able to exchange in a fair and equitable way.

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