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Crypto Influencer Bitlord Raises $4 Million for Mysterious Project

Crypto Influencer Bitlord Raises $4 Million for Mysterious Project in Less Than 24 Hours

Crypto influencer Bitlord has recently achieved a remarkable feat by raising $4 million for a secretive project in less than 24 hours. Bitlord, a renowned influencer in the world of cryptocurrency, posted an ETH address on his Twitter account without providing any details to his community.

Bitlord, known for his ability to early identify major market trends and his early investment in the cryptocurrency market, including participating in Ethereum’s ICO at its launch and owning Bitcoin (BTC) since 2012.

His reputation is also built around his support for meme-type cryptocurrencies worth billions, such as Shib, Floki, and PEPE.

A Mysterious Project

For now, Bitlord has chosen to keep the details of his project secret, relying on the curiosity and loyalty of his followers. However, he has introduced a presale system while making it clear that the tokens are sold ‘as is,’ without any guarantee of future value or performance, and the purchase is at the buyer’s risk.

Bitlord’s ability to raise $4 million in such a short time for a project shrouded in mystery is a testament to his influence and the trust he inspires within the crypto community.

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