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Craig Wright Claims Major Legal Victory

In the midst of the ongoing debate surrounding the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, one name continues to resurface: Craig Wright. Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic figure behind the famous Bitcoin whitepaper, Wright has been involved in controversies and lawsuits for years, with many court decisions not going in his favor. But recently, he seems to have scored a point.

The US Court of Appeals has ruled in Wright’s favor in a dispute over a Bitcoin fortune. According to the verdict, there was no formal agreement between Wright and the late David Kleiman, although rumors have long circulated that they collaborated on Bitcoin mining in the early days of the cryptocurrency, with a current value in the billions of dollars.

The Question of Kleiman’s Inheritance

After David Kleiman’s passing, his brother Ira took up the mantle to defend the family’s interests. He believes that the justice system failed in its mission by not holding Wright accountable, accusing him of intentionally obstructing the legal process. However, this recent decision confirms a previous ruling by a Florida jury, thus rejecting Kleiman’s inheritance claim to a substantial portion of the mined bitcoins.

It should be noted that this verdict does not take into account another pending dispute involving a $100 million payment that Wright has been ordered to make to a company associated with Kleiman.

Wright and the Quest for Recognition

Wright’s personality is as debated as his claims. He doesn’t hesitate to sue those who doubt his allegations, as evidenced by his lawsuit against developers in the United Kingdom. He accuses them of refusing to integrate a specific feature into Bitcoin-based software.

Furthermore, despite Wright claiming the title of Satoshi Nakamoto, he has many detractors. A Norwegian court even referred to him as a fraud, although this decision is currently being contested.

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