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Coinbase Plans Expansion of Derivative Products in the EU

Coinbase aims to offer its futures services in the EU:

  • Coinbase plans to acquire a company to offer crypto derivatives in the EU.
  • The target company, based in Cyprus, remains undisclosed.
  • This acquisition would enable Coinbase to offer cryptocurrency derivatives in Europe.

Coinbase’s futures products soon in the EU?

Coinbase, one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has announced its intention to acquire a company with a MiFID II license. This move aims to expand its offering of derivative products (futures) in the European Union.

Adding such a license to our international portfolio would further strengthen the strong interest we have seen in our derivative products and help us capture a larger share of the ~75% of the global cryptocurrency market claimed by derivatives.

said Coinbase

The name of the company, which would be based in Cyprus, has not yet been publicly revealed.

“A long way to go” before the agreement is finalized

Currently, Coinbase only offers spot trading in the EU. As you may have guessed, acquiring this license would allow the company to significantly expand its range of services and financial products related to cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, by integrating derivative products into its offering, Coinbase aims to meet the growing demand for more diversified financial products in the cryptocurrency field.

Note that the acquisition is far from being finalized, according to recent statements by Coinbase. This initiative is still subject to regulatory approval and may take shape later in the year.

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