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Coinbase Cloud Integrates Kiln On-Chain Platform for Rationalized and Democratic Ethereum Staking

In an effort to streamline and democratize the Ethereum staking process, Coinbase Cloud has integrated Kiln’s On-Chain platform into its service offering. This partnership paves the way for a customizable and transparent staking experience on the Ethereum network.

Kiln, renowned for its suite of smart contracts, serves as a crucial gateway connecting integrators and operators, thereby facilitating a transparent staking process. This aligns with the growing demand for openness and accountability within the industry.

Opportunities arising from the partnership between Kiln and Coinbase Cloud

The integration notably enables Coinbase Cloud to extend partial onchain ETH staking capabilities to its clientele, encompassing its flagship wallet Coinbase and potentially expanding to other self-custody wallet providers in the ecosystem. This strategic alliance is a testament to the shared vision of both companies to democratize access to staking for all Ethereum enthusiasts.

We are excited to have worked with Coinbase Cloud and welcome them as the first (non-Kiln) node operator to leverage Kiln’s On-Chain staking platform. This integration with Coinbase Cloud is unique as it allows them to enable other wallets and services, including DEXs, to benefit from the same unlimited ETH staking solution offered by Coinbase Wallet. We are committed to democratizing access to staking for all Ethereum users.

Laszlo Szabo, CEO of Kiln

Transparency and reliability brought by this operation

Kiln prides itself on its commitment to transparency, a core value shared by Coinbase Cloud. The on-chain execution of all activities, including validator management, deposits, and commission distribution through smart contracts, ensures a fully transparent and auditable process.

We are thrilled to join the Kiln On-chain platform as the first node operator. By leveraging Kiln’s expertise in smart contracts and Cloud’s expertise as a node operator, we are able to offer wallet integrators the best staking solution available. My team and I were amazed by the ease of the integration process.

Nick Boccardi, Senior Product Manager at Coinbase Cloud.

Further reinforcing their reliability and security, Kiln’s smart contracts have received approval from Spearbit through a successful audit, promising users a secure and trustworthy staking environment.

Kiln’s On-Chain platform demonstrates its effectiveness through a collection of smart contracts that simplify the management of Ethereum validators, node operators, and staking end-users. It offers a versatile set of options for designing a staking product, including facilitating any amount of ETH staking and access to real-time reporting data for operators.

Operational efficiency is highlighted through a structured four-step process that promises the launch of a staking offering in less than three weeks.

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