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China to Launch RealDID Blockchain Identification Platform

Chinese Ministry of Public Security Plans to Deploy RealDID Blockchain-Based Identification Platform

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security is preparing to launch RealDID, a new blockchain platform designed to verify the real identities of its citizens. Announced during an event organized by the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) on December 12, this initiative aims to enhance the security and privacy of citizens’ personal data.

RealDID will allow Chinese citizens to register and anonymously connect to online portals using DID addresses that ensure transaction and data confidentiality between individuals and businesses. The project has multiple use cases, including encrypted protection of personal data, personal identification certificate services, and personal identity information vouchers.

Strengthening China’s Technological Autonomy

This initiative aligns with China’s recent efforts to accelerate its initiatives and regulations surrounding emerging technologies. This includes the development of artificial intelligence, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, China is working to reduce its dependence on US-made semiconductors by boosting domestic production.

The RealDID project, operated by the National Information Center of China and in partnership with Chinese technology companies such as China Mobile and China UnionPay, marks a significant step in consolidating data security and digital identity in the country.

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