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Brian Armstrong Opposes AI Regulation

Artificial intelligence continues to assert itself as an inevitable element of the future of our society. At the heart of many debates, AI can rely on the support of one of the leading figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase.

Brian Armstrong Opposes AI Regulation

In a post published on X, formerly known as Twitter, Brian Armstrong shares his vision on artificial intelligence. According to him, it is evident that regulating AI would be a mistake that would instantly limit the power offered by the tool.

Quite extreme in his position, Brian Armstrong even believes that AI should not be subject to any regulation. To justify his idea, he uses the development of the internet in the late 1990s as an example.

He explains that “if we were able to experience a golden age of innovation in software and the internet, it is largely because there was no regulation.” Therefore, there should not be regulation for AI.

In fact, he considers that despite the best intentions of regulators, “the track record of regulation is that it has unintended consequences and kills competition and innovation.”

Therefore, it is crucial “to make progress as fast as possible in the field of AI for various reasons such as national security.”

He adds that its development will rely on two distinct points. According to him, decentralization and the development of open-source resources will play a crucial role in the future, while competition will be essential to obtain new use cases.

Although there are many opposing arguments to Brian Armstrong’s view on regulation, it is undeniable that such a statement should stimulate debates.

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