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BNB Chain Hackvolution: Unleashing the Power of opBNB and Greenfield

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BNB Chain’s Hackvolution is receiving support from COMBO, Google Cloud, CyberConnect, Hooked Protocol, and Ultiverse, as well as several world-leading universities for the upcoming hackathon.

Unleashing the Power of opBNB and Greenfield

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, has today announced Hackvolution, its global 7-week Hackathon, starting on July 13th and running until September 1st. Hackvolution gets support from COMBO, Google Cloud, CyberConnect, Hooked Protocol, and Ultiverse as key partners with mentors joining from leading universities. Interested participants can register here to take part in the upcoming hackathon.

The hackathon aims to bring the Web3 community, developers, researchers, and scientists together to contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology. The core focus will be on opBNB and BNB Greenfield within the BNB Chain ecosystem, whereby developers will have the opportunity to build decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage the functionality and modularity of these platforms.

To bolster innovation across a diverse set of sectors, dApps will be categorized into four domains including, Infra, DeFi, Gaming, and AI. In addition, this event also opens up potential opportunities to access grants and the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program under Binance Labs incubation.

All applicants can expect four days of online workshops and an opportunity to engage with the BNB Chain developer community of 10,000+ developers. They will also receive 24/7 tech support, early access to BNB Chain updates, and exclusive access to the BNB Chain team.

Rewards and Prizes

A panel of judges made up of experts from the Web3 media, community, and education sector will evaluate projects based on five key aspects: Technical innovation, Business model, and Team configuration. The best 12 projects from four domains will be selected to participate in the demo day and be eligible for rewards including:

  • $10000 prize for 1st place winners of each track
  • Bonuses based on ranking
  • 1-month trial participation in the BNB Chain Gas Grant program
  • A tailored marketing support package with BNB Chain
  • Access to the discounted tools and services from the BNB Chain Kickstart program
  • $2000 worth of credits and a POC trial coupon valued at $5000 from Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud

There will also be a separate $7500 prize pool for winners of the Local Hacker Stars awards. The hackathon will have a global reach, with offline meet-ups planned across different regions, including Asia-Pacific, CIS, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, and Latin America.

Key Dates

The key dates for the BNB Chain Hackvolution are as follows:

  • Launch Date: July 13
  • Registration Period: July 13 – August 22
  • Greenfield Code Demo: July 21 and July 25
  • opBNB Code Demo: July 24
  • Online Workshops: July 28, 31, August 1, and 2
  • Submission Period: August 2 – August 22
  • Local Offline Meetups: Dates will be announced on BNB Chain’s social media channels
  • Reviewing Period: August 22 – August 27
  • Winner Confirmation: August 28
  • 12 Best Projects Demo Day: September 1

To learn more about the hackathon and to register to take part, please visit here.

Join us for the BNB Chain Hackvolution and let your ideas, skills, and passion ignite while leveraging the potential of opBNB and BNB Greenfield to create meaningful dApps.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven and decentralized blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain, its staking and governance layer, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is EVM compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem with its Layer-2 solutions, and BNB Greenfield, its decentralized data storage network. It is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain by daily active users. It has processed 3 billion transactions to date from 232 Million unique addresses making it the largest layer 1 blockchain globally and bringing developers massive user access with ultra-low gas fees, higher transactions per second and has experienced zero crashes since its inception. The ecosystem has more than 1,500 estimated active dApps at any given time across multiple categories such as DeFi, Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming, SocialFi, NFT, Infrastructure, and more. There are numerous programs available to support the Web3 ecosystem including the Gas Grant, Builder Grant, Kickstart, Most Valuable Builder (MVB) and AvengerDAO.

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