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Blur Marketplace Season 3 Powered by Blast

The Blur Marketplace powered by layer 2 Blast:

  • Season 2 of Blur is over, users have 45 days to claim their rewards.
  • The new season of Blur will be powered by Blast, a new layer 2.
  • Blur will gradually deploy its applications on the Bast protocol.

The founder of Blur launches a new protocol, one of the most renowned NFT marketplaces in the market, recently announced the launch of its season 3, which will be powered by a brand new layer 2: Blast.

Founded by Pacman, who is also the founder of the Blur marketplace, this new protocol aims to address key issues in NFT trading, such as high transaction costs and asset depreciation: “There is $100 million TVL in the Blur Pool that does not generate yield.”, says Pacman.

With an additional investment of $40 million in the Blur ecosystem, Blast promises to reduce the costs of NFT transactions, launch “institutional-quality” NFT perpetual contracts, and prevent asset depreciation for users, Pacman announced on Twitter.

He also stated that Blast will not be limited to the Blur marketplace, but will be useful for “all dapps”. In fact, he believes that the issues faced by Blur actually affect most NFT applications in the ecosystem.

The features of the Blast layer 2

Blast is positioned as a “native yield” layer 2 based on Optimistic Rollup technology and backed by renowned investors such as Paradigm and eGirl Capital.

Concretely, the layer 2 model allows users to automatically earn income by transferring ETH or stablecoins to Blast, with attractive yield rates (between 4% and 5%).

We have completely reinvented L2 so that if you have 1 ETH in your wallet on Blast, over time it automatically becomes 1.04, 1.08, 1.12 ETH.”

– Pacman

However, a major challenge for users is the inability to bridge their assets to the main Ethereum blockchain before February 2024, raising concerns about liquidity and access to funds.

A new airdrop for Blur season 3

The airdrop for Blur season 3 introduces a balanced reward mechanism. Firstly, 50% of the rewards are allocated to $BLUR holders, with “holders points” earned for holding $BLUR, and a multiplier based on the length of ownership.

The remaining 50% is intended for NFT traders through Blur points, acquired by making offers, listing, and lending NFTs.

It is worth noting that all rewards generated during this season 3 will be provided by Blast.

After an impressive season 2, with a transaction volume of $6.1 billion and over 260,000 unique users, Blur season 3 promises to give tough competition to all its rivals.

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