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Blockpit Acquires Accointing: A Strategic Move in Crypto Taxation

Anchoring a Strategic Merger: Blockpit Acquires Accointing

Blockpit, an Austrian platform specialising in crypto taxation, has recently acquired its rival, Accointing, previously bought by Glassnode.

The exact amount of the acquisition has not been publicly disclosed, but it is valued in millions of dollars. This move is part of a strategy of expansion and consolidation ahead of the implementation of the European Union’s new tax laws, known as DAC8.

With the sale of Accointing to Blockpit, Glassnode announces its intention to “exit the crypto tax space“ and focus on other activities, such as creating new “Digital Asset Intelligence” services for its institutional clients.

A Strategic Anticipation by Blockpit

The acquisition of Accointing by Blockpit is likely not a coincidence, but rather a strategic move to stay ahead of the game. Indeed, with the imminent adoption of DAC8, which requires crypto companies to report information on their clients’ holdings, Blockpit gains a competitive edge.

These rules, which must be implemented by EU member states by December 31, 2025, cover a wide range of digital assets, including stablecoins, NFTs, DeFi tokens, and income from staking cryptocurrencies.

Towards a Much Stricter Tax Framework

This acquisition comes at a time when tax transparency is becoming a major issue. Indeed, DAC8 rules, along with the OECD framework (CARF), represent a paradigm shift: tax reporting obligations no longer rest solely on individuals, but also on service providers.

This significantly increases tax transparency, as data on crypto traders and their transactions must now be shared with tax authorities.

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