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Bitfinex Falls Victim to Phishing Attack on Customer Support

Key Points:

  • The Bitfinex exchange recently identified a phishing attack targeting its customer support.
  • The incident involved unauthorized access to partial data, without compromising essential systems or user funds.
  • Bitfinex plans to work with law enforcement to locate the individual.

Bitfinex, a reputable crypto exchange in the market, recently announced that it has been the target of a phishing attack considered to be ‘minor’. The attack allowed a hacker to access partial and outdated data from the customer support system.

Details of the Incident

According to Bitfinex’s official statement, the hacker managed to phish a customer support member who had ‘limited access to support tools and tickets’.

Bitfinex assures us that this member does not have ‘higher permissions’, thus limiting the damage of the attack. As a reminder, ‘phishing’ occurs when an individual uses deceptive methods to persuade someone to disclose confidential information.

However, user funds were not compromised as the attack did not affect the company’s core systems. In fact, the majority of the affected accounts were empty or inactive. Bitfinex has taken the initiative to notify the affected users and plans to collaborate with authorities to trace the attacker.

More information will likely be available in the coming hours and days.

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