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BitBoy Crypto Controversy: Arrest, Consequences, and Ongoing Debate

Renowned in the crypto circle as “BitBoy”, Ben Armstrong found himself at the center of a tumultuous incident when he was arrested while live-streaming from the residence of Carlos Diaz. Earlier, Armstrong had teased his followers with an announcement that he would be live-streaming from a “very special place,” hinting at a major event. The location turned out to be Diaz’s house, a consultant and NFT investor associated with the Hit Network.

Throughout the stream, Ben Armstrong voiced his indignation, accusing Diaz of death threats and alleging connections to the Houston mafia. This confrontation reached its peak when local police officers intervened around the 19th minute. Shortly after Armstrong stated that he had a weapon in his car, where his mistress was also present, the video stream abruptly ended, leaving only muffled audio of the ensuing discussion between him and the authorities.

Ongoing Consequences and Controversy

In the wake of the dramatic livestream events, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia confirmed an arrest record for Benjamin Charles Armstrong, dated September 25. In addition, Carlos Diaz acknowledged Armstrong’s unexpected visit through a post the following day.

The crypto community was in an uproar over the reactions to this incident involving “one of the most notoriously bad actors in crypto, according to ZachXBT.

Adding to the intrigue, last month, the Hit Network, the entity behind the brand “BitBoy Crypto“, severed ties with Armstrong, citing concerns over substance abuse and financial misconduct. This split sparked several lawsuits, some of which were later dropped. Armstrong’s recent plea for financial assistance regarding his legal troubles further stirred the cryptocurrency community.

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