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Binance Transfers $3.9 Billion Across Wallets

Binance Transfers $3.9 Billion Across Wallets:

A Massive Transfer Before DOJ Negotiations

Prior to the release of a report on a potential $4 billion agreement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Binance transferred $3.9 billion worth of USDT between its digital wallets.

You can find the transaction below:

The Details of the $3.9 Billion USDT Transaction

As you can see, Binance moved $3.9 billion worth of USDT from its “Binance-Cold 2” wallet on Tron to “Binance 3”.

This transfer, one of the largest ever recorded on the Tron blockchain, left approximately $3.6 billion USDT in “Binance 3” after an additional sum of $300 million USDT was transferred to another wallet.

An Overview of the $4 Billion Agreement

On November 20th, Bloomberg reported that the DOJ was negotiating an agreement with Binance. According to this agreement, the cryptocurrency platform is expected to pay $4 billion in fines to resolve criminal charges.

It is worth noting that Binance is facing multiple fraud allegations, including money laundering, banking fraud, and violations of US sanctions laws.

The official announcement of this agreement is anticipated by the end of the month.

The proximity between the fund transfer and the reports on the DOJ agreement has sparked various theories within the crypto community. Users are questioning the origin of the funds and their potential use for paying fines, attempting to establish a connection between these two events.

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