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ARK Invest Sells GBTC, Invests in Bitcoin Futures ETF

ARK Invest Sells its GBTC Shares:

  • ARK Invest liquidates its GBTC assets for $200 million.
  • ARK Invest invests $100 million in Bitcoin Futures ETF Bito.
  • ARK becomes the second-largest holder of Bito.

ARK Invest Sells $200 Million of GBTC

On December 28, ARK Invest, led by Cathie Wood, liquidated its entire holdings in GBTC (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust), valued at over $200 million.

This decision marks a strategic turning point for the company, which previously made GBTC a significant part of its portfolio.

It is worth noting that half of the funds recovered from this sale, approximately $100 million, have been reinvested in the Bitcoin Futures ETF Bito. This move suggests a transition towards investment options that offer greater liquidity. Furthermore, the investment in Bito has propelled ARK Invest to the position of the second-largest holder of this ETF.

Ark Invest Continues to Sell Coinbase (COIN) Shares

In parallel, ARK Invest has also proceeded with the sale of COIN shares from Coinbase. The firm has sold approximately $100 million worth of COIN shares over several days, including over 335,860 shares ($49.2 million) last Friday. This sale comes as the price of Coinbase shares reached its highest level since April 2022.

Furthermore, this selling strategy could reflect a reassessment of cryptocurrency assets in ARK’s portfolio, taking into account changing market dynamics and regulatory prospects surrounding Bitcoin spot ETFs.

Meanwhile, Cathie Wood, a staunch Bitcoin advocate, has expressed cautious optimism about the likelihood of approving such an ETF. She acknowledges that although such approval could lead to short-term price fluctuations, she is convinced that the long-term impact would be positive.

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