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Aave Protocol Operations Suspended due to Issue

Aave Protocol Hit by an ‘Issue’

Aave, the decentralized lending protocol, has recently made the decision to suspend certain operations on its platform after being informed of an ‘issue.’ Fortunately, it has been confirmed that user funds are ‘not at risk.’

According to initial reports, the protocol has paused operations on its V2 on Ethereum and has also frozen some assets on its V3 on the Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism networks. This means that many users are currently unable to access their funds as they have been simply locked by the platform.

Note that this temporary protective measure will be maintained until a proposal to restart the paused operations is approved.

Aave V3 Still Active on Some Networks

It is important to note that the V3 is still active on Ethereum, Base, and Metis, and the V2 operations on Polygon and Avalanche are not affected.

Aave has committed to providing a detailed explanation of the incident once the issue is fully resolved.

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