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Crabada, the catchy Play to Earn on Avalanche, better than Axie Infinity?

Crabada is the first fully decentralized idle-game Play and Earn on Avalanche offering an entertaining user experience through a diverse ecosystem and simplified game mechanics. 

The core of the game includes activities such as mining, looting, and farming using Crabada NFTs and the two tokens of the game, CRA and TUS.

Welcome to the world of Crabada. Rediscover the prosperous ancient kingdom ruled by Crustaco, King of Crabada. Harvest valuable resources from mines and train new warriors for your army. Seize loot from enemies or unaware humble miners and claim your share.

AFK gameplay from Crabada

Crabada are cute and productive NFTs that can bring rewards (with a little help). 

They can be deployed in mines to dig and collect treasures. Being that Crabada are hardworking, they only require minimal supervision from the player. 

They can also be sent on looting missions to steal from other mining Crabada. Looting missions are riskier but can offer higher rewards. They are well-suited for players wanting a more active role in the game.

Crabada classes and NFT

Each Crabada has a primary faction attribute determined by its class. Crabada inherit factional benefits and weaknesses based on their faction. 

 There are 8 classes overall, on top of 10 Genesis NFTs:

8 primary classes
10 Genesis NFTs

The Crabada’s class determines the NFT’s base attributes. Some classes have higher base attributes. 

Each NFT has a primary attribute that can increase the quantity of mined rewards when there is at least one Crabada of this class among the miners. 

The cumulated speed attribute of the miners impacts the time required to harvest a mine; a higher value diminishes the overall time needed for the extraction. This bonus can reduce the extraction time by up to an hour. 

Each Crabada comprises 6 body parts that determine its attributes, abilities, and faction. Each part is associated with a specific type and is an additional NFT attribute modifier. 

Breed creatures

Each Crabada DNA determines the body parts of its offspring following breeding. 

Alleles are divided into 3 types: dominant, recessive, and minor recessive. These alleles provide the probabilities for each part of Crabada to be inherited by its offspring. 

Following breeding, the resulting dominant allele determines the parts shown on the Crabada. 

Alleles NameDescriptionProbability
Minor recessiveR25.56%

To start breeding, players must have two Crabada eligible for breeding. Each Crabada can be bred up to five times. After that, breeding is no longer possible. 

CRA and TUS are essential elements for breeding. Each Crabada breeding requires 105 CRA (governance token). The amount of TUS (in-game token) required varies based on the number of times each Crabada has been bred previously. The higher the number of breeds, the more TUS will be required. 

Breed No. #TUS (1 Crab)TUS (Pair of Crabs)CRA

TUS originating from breeding will be burnt and removed from the game economy. CRA coming from breeding will be sent to the treasury to be managed by the governance composed of CRA token holders. 

Exactly 5 days are required for a Crabada egg to hatch into a new Crabada that is ready to start the adventure. 


As a cherry on top, the body parts of the newborns have a 0.07% chance of genetic mutation into a legend part during breeding. Those cannot be inherited. 

If the legend part belongs to the same class as the Crabada, the overall statistics of the part will be increased by 10%.

If the legend part does not belong to the same class as the Crabada, the overall statistics of the part will be increased by only 5%.

Legend Crabada

Marketplace to buy Crabada

On the marketplace, players can browse through NFTs for sale or sell their own Crabada.  

Players can buy Crabada with TUS. Sellers receive TUS in their wallet, and the Crabada is sent to the buyer. 

In the first release, basic data are provided and include:

  • Total number of Crabada sold over time
  • Total volume over time
  • Average Crabada price over time
  • Recent sales on the marketplace

The sellers must pay a 3.85% transaction fee for each sale.

Share your Crabada with other players in the Tavern

Players with idle Crabada can deploy them in the Tavern. These Crabada are added to a pool of NFTs available for hire. 

When hired, Crabada NFT serves as a backup in battle, it undergoes a cooldown period of 2 hours before being eligible for hire again.

Players can remove their Crabada from the Tavern when it is not fighting. 

Players can also set a lending price for their Crabada. Data about previous market transactions are available to support the players in this decision. 

The player can update the price at any time.

Crabada PvP – play against other players

Other modes will be added in the future, including a multiplatform battle mode. We envision Crabada becoming a direct competitor to Axie Infinity with turn-based battles in teams of three. 

Important dates and roadmap

Do you want to join the Crabada journey? Here are the dates you cannot miss!

Pre-launch on November 13

The tokens CRA and TUS will be listed on the trading platform Trader Joe (crypto exchange on Avalanche) between 10am and 12pm (UTC) on Nov 13. The CRA token release is scheduled for 12pm UTC before the marketplace launch at 2pm UTC. 

A special breeding event is planned for 3pm UTC. 

The idle-game will be launched on November 15 at 2pm UTC.



Armed with strong partnerships such as Avalanche, Avalaunch, Sky Vision Capital, or even Not3Lau Capital, to mention a few, Crabada knows how to create excitement. This is also proven by their public pre-sale which was sold out in less than 2 minutes.

Leveraging the inherent advantages of the Avalanche blockchain, Crabada might establish itself as a direct competitor to Axie Infinity, using new and less time-consuming mechanisms. 

It is also rare to enjoy a game that came out exactly two days after the listing of its assets. When are you going to join the Crabada adventure?