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Ukraine: donors will be rewarded with airdrops

For the first time, a country will make Airdrops to reward donors around the world.

As you know, the beginning of 2022 is marked by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. On February 26, Ukraine had issued a call for donations in bitcoins, ethers and USDT to support them in the war. As a result, official cryptographic addresses had been released.

The Ukrainian appeal was obviously heard all over the globe and had the effect of reinforcing the surge of generosity of the people. Indeed, since that date, the Ukrainian State would have collected more than $33 million in cryptos – at the time of writing.

Obviously, Ukraine was not going to remain without giving an answer to the whole world after having received such a sum but against all expectations it was decided to reward the donors by making airdrops.

For the record, airdrops allow users to receive, free of charge (or at least without financial consideration), cryptocurrencies. In other words, airdrops refer to free token distributions.

In this particular case, airdrops would allow the Ukrainian state to reward the many donors for their generosity in the context of the conflict between it and Russia.

This news was announced on the official Twitter account of the country:

As you can see, the airdrops are already confirmed: “Airdrop confirmed. The snapshot will be taken tomorrow, March 3, at 6pm Kiev time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Reward to follow!”.

This announcement triggered a new wave of donations for Ukraine.

At least that’s what the graphs published by DuneAnalytics, an entity that tracks the accumulation of ETH in the state coffers in real time, show.

On this graph, we can see that donations poured in massively between March 1 and 2, following the announcement about the airdrops on the official twitter account of Ukraine.

Source: Official Twitter account of Ukraine (

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